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Books: Yolanda King – Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant

Austin Children's Book Author Yolanda King Revisits a Fairytale with Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant

by Valerie Fischer

A few years ago I received the wonderful surprise that the mother of one of my students was not only taking notes at her daughter’s lessons to help her with practice, but she was also getting research for the newest volume of her children’s picture book series about a young girl named Curlilocks.

The latest story of author Yolanda King is Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant. It is about two young friends named Curlilocks and Nelson who are on their way to a jam session when they encounter a giant. Auntie Lizzie is waiting for them to cross a bridge to play their cello and violin for Jam Day but the giant won’t let them pass until they can help him rest with their beautiful music.

With each reading with your little one you will discover some of the many of the lessons we learn as we study music, like persistence even in the midst of setbacks. Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant celebrates hard work and even mentions the children’s recent one hundred days of consecutive practice. This would be a perfect book for the young child who has just begun their studies of cello, needs some inspiration, or deserves a reward for completion of their own one hundred days of practice. Children will be drawn right into Curlilocks’ fairytale forest with the enchanting illustrations by Fanny Liem.

The entire Curlilocks series is delightful and I am grateful to King for Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant, a book that shows how fun and magical it is to make music playing the violin and cello.

Learn more about Yolanda King:

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