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Cello Central Texas is a resource for cellists and appreciators of cello in Austin, TX and the Central Texas area. Our hope is to build a community around our shared passion. We aim to promote cellists in Central Texas and improve access to opportunities to listen to, learn to play, and perform with the cello. 


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Valerie Fischer



Valerie has been teaching cello in Austin since the late '90s. She created Cello Central Texas to promote, celebrate, and build the community of cellists and cello appreciators.


Meena Matocha


Meena created the artwork sketches on our home page.

She is an artist living in Pflugerville known for her dramatic and emotional charcoal portraits. The collection of sketches for Cello Central Texas are created with ink on watercolor paper. 

Additional Organizers

Betsy Sanders - contributor

Marlo in the Office - design consultant and office assistance

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