Teacher Training

Most Teacher Training opportunities are offered though the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Local Suzuki teacher trainer Dr. Shu-Yi Scott is now offering training courses throughout the year. Summer training is available through the Greater Austin Suzuki Institute. Due to the pandemic, courses are now offered online and in person for 2022. If you are interested in Suzuki training it’s really never been easier because you can receive training with teachers around the country without traveling. Additional opportunities will be listed here as we receive it. If your organization is offering teacher training please contact us.

Greater Austin Suzuki Institute

Teacher Development Dates in 2022

Revisiting Cello Book 1:  Sat July 22 – Sun July 31 with Avi Friedlander (online only)

Cello Book 1:  Fri July 22 – Tues July 31 with Dr. Shu-Yi Scott (online and in-person)