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Diana Burgess

Album: You Run

Blog Feature

Douglas Harvey

Album: Works for Solo Cello, Volume 2

Douglas Harvey

Album: Works for Solo Cello

Performing artists:

If you have news of a recording you would like to share with this community please contact us. We would like to let people know about the art that cellists of Central Texas are creating. This includes but is not limited to Albums, online videos and more of soloists, ensembles, and bands of any genre of music - even those that are just for fun!


Covid Cello Project

Austin Cellist Tony Rogers, director of the Austin Cello Choir responded to the disruption of the pandemic by creating the Covid Cello Project. While The Austin Cello Choir may be on hold for now, hundreds of cellists from around the world are getting the joy of playing Tony's great cello choir arrangements of a variety of genres. All are welcome to participate. Contact Tony to take part in the next project.

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